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"First of all, I love the illustrations in this book! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

And they set the tone for the luxurious, loving of self and others that this book endorses.

Full of encouragement to treat yourself well, love yourself and the body you've been given, this book promises to change your life in the best ways. Ways that teach you to love yourself enough to be healthy, happy and gorgeous.

Filled with simple and easy tips for everything from enjoying beautiful meals for one to celebrating the seasons with family and friends, Beth gives the reader all the tools for creating a beautiful and fulfilling life.

She gives us "bloom where you're planted" and advice on growing whatever you want to eat wherever you find yourself, reminding me that there's no place you can't plant and enjoy a garden of delight.

Moving from the joys of gardening to how to stay healthy and hydrated during the holiday season, Beth teaches us how to enjoy our holidays as well as how to use holiday traditions to reconnect with those who've come before and those no longer with us. Truly a lovely reminder that our loved ones will always be with us through their gifts to us.

This book is a feast for the senses. It speaks to all the senses as well as to the heart. Totally recommend it to anyone looking for more connection to themselves, their loved ones and their own lives."

"I was mostly amazed by this book as I didn't know what to expect and found myself loving it. And LOVE is the keyword here! I completely appreciate what Beth writes because it is more than just food, it is about loving yourself, your life and the food you eat. And the universal truth is that LOVE is the key to anything we do, because it is the only self generating force which allows us to move forward. if we do any diet loathing our body, it would simply not work; so how about using love as our motivation to be and eat healthy? Well done, absolutely recommend reading it!"


"Beth provides a wonderful way to celebrate life in her book Stirring the Senses, it is a must read for all!"


Awaiting you in the pages of Stirring the Senses is :

A juicy, passionate and sensuously rich state of being that leaves you completely alive and ready for anything! Sustenance for your body, nurturing for your soul and a wonderful way to connect deeply with your family and friends! The ability to give yourself the blessing to taste, use and enjoy whatever you’d like, indulge yourself and love the results while denying yourself nothing, choosing only what you truly desire from the freshest and most compassionate sources.  

Are you ready to make everyday a day for candles & wine? Reading Stirring the Senses is like sitting down for a cup of tea with your trusted Aunt and is like the trusted Aunt, who will listen to you, keep your secrets and then encourage you to follow your craziest dreams.

Are you ready to fall madly in love with your life? 

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