Yesterday was my lucky day!
Herban Glow! ~Tips for Quick and Simple Self Care!

About the Herban Farmgirl!





“ In my Last Will & Testament, it states that I want half of my ashes

scattered on the 7th Floor of Bergdorfs in New York City and the other half scattered in the herb gardens at the Cloisters. That's probably all you'll ever need to know to understand me."  Beth Schreibman Gehring


Beth Schreibman Gehring is a lover of all things Green, Delicious, Growing, Beautiful, Elegant and Fragrant. She’s also a lifestyle blogger, wedding and party planner who uses an ever-changing seasonal palette of love, life & food to help her readers and clients fall madly in love with their lives!  


For close to 20 years she was the President of Schreibman Jewelers, one of Northeast Ohio’s largest and most prestigious bridal registries, jewelry, gift and tableware businesses. 


Beth has had the distinct honor and pleasure of designing the table settings for several TV series, including "Julia Child cooks at home with Friends", "Julia Child cooks with Jacque Pepin" and the " Todd English and Olives restaurant" cooking show. She created the table setting designs for the books of the same name. 


Somewhere along the journey, she discovered that many were drawn to her for her ability to teach them to live everyday with passion. So when she closed her business in 2003 she became a Life Coach, Board Certified by The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC and by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  


 Her clients have referred to her as “a feast for the senses, a coach that speaks to all the senses as well as to the heart.” Another said, “I totally recommend her to anyone looking for more connection to themselves, their loved ones and their own lives."   


Beth promotes a seasonal, sensual way of living, eating and being, teaching a holistic way of looking at your life. She loves nothing more than to spend long days in her gardens tending the healing herbs, fruits and vegetables, promoting healing through herbalism, flower and gem essences, aromatherapy and Reiki, cooking gorgeous, healthy and delicious meals for her family (4 legged and 2) and friends while brewing delightful herbal potions to help keep you healthy, gorgeous and sexy all over, inside and out!  

Her favorite question? “So tell me? What is your secret dream? Lets nurture it!”

Beth is currently busy helping to establish new horticultural protocols in the Western Reserve Herb Gardens based upon organic best practices including bio-dynamic gardening, permaculture & phenology. She is the Education Chairman for the Western Reserve Herb Society and sits on the Public Relations Committee of WRHS.  Beth is also a member of Les Dames D'Escoffier International  (Cleveland ) The Herb Society of America and The Herb Society of the United Kingdom. 


In 2014 she took a stab at writing a book and it’s called “Stirring the Senses, How to fall madly in love with your life and make everyday a day for candles & wine.” Her next book,  “Herban Glow- Romantic Ways for Ordinary Days” will be released in the fall of 2018. 


Beth lives and works in Cleveland Heights with Jim, her husband of 35 plus years and is owned by 17 full sets of vintage dishes, a cat, dog, horse, swarm of wild honeybees, a garden full of herbs and old rambly roses, bottles of vintage perfume and very soon, a flock of heirloom chickens! 


You can also find out more about working with Beth at www.    



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