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The longest night of the year is upon us. What a year...Will it be the end of the world? Will there be more snow? Will I have enough food for all of the friends we're expecting? Enough Champagne to toast the New Year? Enough of Caron's Nuit de Noel to carry me through to the end of the year? I’m truly not sure about the whole “End of the World “ thing ,  but I’m definitely hoping that it’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new age of peace and love. You’d have to be tucked somewhere in the deep dark wilderness to have not been affected by all of the news these last 12 months.  It seems that America is experiencing her own longest night and I must admit that it’s difficult to not give in to the sadness but I propose this!  Lets spend the next year carrying out simple RANDOM acts of kindness and gratitude! These could be as simple as opening the door for an elderly person, or buying lunch for the homeless or a cup of coffee.....anything. Just remember more acts of kindness will only promote other people to want to do the same! The violence and strife in this country must  to come to an end and the only way we can put a stop to that is by simply being kind to one another!

So, lets each have fun promoting RANDOM acts of Kindness in honor of us all. 

 It's such a simple thing to do.  You don’t have to have a lot of money to perform a random act of kindness, just the desire to make a difference. Random acts of kindness can be well thought out or they can be spontaneous! They are precious in that they are gifts of yourself, something that this world seems to need now more than ever. So on this Solstice eve I propose that we think of things that we can do at least once or twice a week that doesn’t necessarily cost a dime yet would make all of the difference to the receiver. Half the fun of doing this is to perform these acts towards someone who has no clue who you are or if you’re going to do something for someone you know don’t let them see you. I love the idea of writing out holiday and putting them on anonymous car windshields.... who knows what you'll be inspired to do? The possibilities for kindness are endless and usually right in front of you! Please remember the difference that only you can  make everyday in this world. What you can do to be powerful is unique to you.

Wake up every morning and before your feet hit the floor why don't you think of three things that you're grateful for everyday. Yes, I know somedays it will be a stretch, but even if you're only grateful for a hot cup of tea or a warm shower that's ok. Gratitude expands. Trust me. I promise that you’ll be very glad you did.

So my dear readers,  once again we have reached that spoke of the wheel of the year where I get to tell you just how much I appreciate you all. This funny little world that we inhabit together, this place where gorgeous scents, magical adventures and yummy foods blend to make the most sublimely passionate prose is one of my happiest places. I always wish that you could be in my home on Solstice eve, where I would feed you cups of luxuriously boozy , spicy eggnog and platefuls of the most glorious desserts that you’ve ever seen, some fruit, some chocolate… all splendid.

Mostly I wish that I could just once wrap my arms around each of you and give back to you personally what you have given to me. As I light the fragrant Noel candles and the Yule fire this year I will be thinking of you all and making a wish for the most wonderful 2018 to come. As corny as it sounds, in the eternally sappy words of Jerry Maguire,  ”You complete me”. The comments you leave and the emails I receive let me know that from my little desk in my little corner of the world that I’ve made a difference to you and that’s not a little thing for a wordsmith like me.

And now a lullaby for all of you from the ever lovely Mary Chapin Carpenter.....It's 9:00 pm here on the Northcoast. I'm wrapped in wind, the house smells like onions and sage and the snow is thinking about falling, but it looks like I'm still here and I'm glad that you are too.

Wishing all of you a Happy, Magical, Wonderful, Love filled, Peace filled Abundant and Extraordinary New Year....


 I’ll see you all on the other side of 2017!   

With love from Me (and my little cat Zoe..In the spirit world, yet always by my side)



The picture of the house belongs to Beth Schreibman Gehring

Mary Chapin Carpenter video created by John Norvell



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