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Cleveland Green Living Examiner - The NatureMill Automatic Composter

Black-kitchen-compost-binWhen we lived in the country, composting all of our food scraps was very easy practice!

 All I did was take everything out to the huge pile of horse manure by the barn, wait a few months and it became compost. 

Living in an urban apartment it is not quite as easy to compost our leftovers but what do you do if you don't want to waste your food scraps!

Being a food writer I tend to generate alot of scraps and peelings so I was at a loss, but I've happened onto a fabulous  product from a company called Nature Mill that is sure to be my next "lifesaving" purchase

Given the coveted "Best of What's New Award", by Popular Science, the Nature Mill Automatic Food Composter is a wonderful blend of technology and common sense..........

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