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Corn Pudding with Smoked Gouda and Green Onion!

I love corn pudding and  here is my favorite recipe. It's much lighter than most, using corn as it's primary ingredient and not much filler! It smells so good when it's cooking and tastes even better. Corn pudding is the perfect fall dish, mine is made with salsa and chipotle pepper, but you can change things around and for a northern flavor use onions and maple syrup! 

To make this you'll need:

Two bags of frozen sweet corn( I use one white and one yellow)

2 cups of diced onion

2 tablespoons of fresh minced garlic

1/2 teaspoonful of smoked chipotle pepper

1 cup of fresh salsa

1 large wedge of smoked gouda that you've shredded in the cuisinart

1 bunch of green onions that you've shredded in the cuisinart

1 cup of heavy cream

4 organic eggs

Place the eggs and cream in a bowl and whisk until frothy. Add the remaining ingredients  and fold together. Place the blended ingredients into a baking dish and bake until firm, approximately 45 minutes. My preference is that you use a cast iron skillet or baking dish because for some reason cast iron  bakes the pudding more evenly. You can substitute diced peppers and onions for the salsa and add sage, cooked and drained ground sausage and maple syrup for a very northern flavor. 

Enjoy at Thanksgiving and any other time that you'd love some comfort food!

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