Sunday Dinner!
Comfort Breakfast for a Yummy Husband!

Comfort Breakfast for a Yummy Husband!

My husband, well he is a saint! He is huge among normal men, but especially in MY heart! He works sometimes 70 hours a week  , fullfilling his dream to build a business that supports not only us, but our entire community. He is ceaselessly positive and never gripes about his long hours. He amazes me with his resiliance!

  He's eaten his favorite cold cereal and is usually out of the house by the time I cook breakfast for our son, but last friday, he happened to be around and I saw him looking wistfully at the two egg sandwiches that I wrapped up for Alex. It was then , that I realized that i hadn't cooked breakfast for this wonderful man for years. EGADS!

This morning, I got up and made my early rounds while he was still sleeping and brought him his favorite thing to drink this time of year which is a decaf eggnog latte'! Then I invented  a breakfast sandwich just for him!

He told me that I should name it "Heart attack waiting to happen!", and then he scarfed it down with the happiest look on his face! I'm not going to call it that, but I've named it "The I love Jim!" (stop gagging my friends!)

It's so simple that I've decided to share the recipe so that your husbands can be really happy too!

You will need:

2 slices of great whole wheat bread

1 tablespoon of chunky peanut butter

1 teaspoon of Helmanns mayonnaise

3 slices of crispy bacon

1 perfectly fried (in butter!)egg, dusted with onoin powder and a bit of salt and pepper

1 teaspoon of smoked mozzarella cheese (American will do!)

Now for the tough part!

Spread one slice of the bread with the mayonnaise and one with the peanut butter

Place the egg on the peanut butter bread and add the cheese on top of that

place the strips of bacon on top and and cover with the other slice of bread.

For the record, if I had some hash browns handy I would have added those too!

Serve with a kiss!


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