Fair Food!
The Perfect Pancake!

The Perfect Pancake!

2005_1020easter0012 This recipe is from Bethane (shown here with my dad and my uncle , click on the photo), my best pal. When we were kids, there was absolutely nothing that comforted us more than a midnight trip to the IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for a midnight snack of warm chocolate chip pancakes with lots of butter, whipped cream and syrup. This is her very grown up yet utterly delightful version of our adolescent favorite! We came of age in the late 70's hence the name and you can feel free to draw your own conclusions! Whatever you decide, these are wonderful and make sure that you have really good maple syrup. Bethane's a fanatic about syrup. No Aunt Jemima please!
Don't even think about the sugar free stuff.
I think that she's right and a really wonderful milk stout would be the perfect accompaniment alongside an enormous platter of applewood smoked bacon and some chicken and apple sausages. She also suggested that if you don't like (who doesn't like chocolate!) chocolate that you could use   freshly diced apple or pear instead! Or what about  apples sauteed in butter with cinnamon and pecans.... Whatever you choose please enjoy...and maybe these will be the beginning of some new trips down memory lane!
"Hormonal Pancakes" A.K.A.  "Flashback Pancakes" (because they're a TRIP!)
You will need!
Arrowhead Mills Multi-grain pancake mix as directed or
buckwheat or other hearty whole grain.
Organic milk i.e. rice, oatmeal or reg.
Rice oil
Fresh ground cinnamon & nutmeg
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1-2 Tbsp. real butter
Pure maple syrup-grade B preferred
Nestle semi-sweet morsels
Nestle butterscotch morsels
Pre-heat griddle.  Warm maple syrup.  Mix batter as directed.  Add fresh ground cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract.  pour batter on hot griddle then dot pancakes with both chocolate and butterscotch morsels.  Flip when bubbly.  Serve with butter, maple syrup and a smile!
These are great accompanied by dark ale or scotch.


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