Fresh Tomatoes , Almonds and Basil!
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Fresh Tomatoes , Almonds and Basil!

Basil2 This is one of those combinations that is so obvious that you forget  them until the middle of winter when you would possibly sell your first born child for a fresh tomato sandwich! Fresh tomatoes are( I think) one of the best parts of summer. I am constantly looking for things to do with them, and this morning I found one of the most amazing combinations ever. I was standing out on my porch, savoring the sweet cherry tomatoes growing in my window boxes and eating a handful of freshly roasted, salted almonds. Then it struck me! There was a beautiful sweet basil plant growing next to me and I quickly snipped off some of the flavorful leaves. Seconds later, I was in heaven! It wasn't the basil and tomato that was unusual, but the addition of the almonds. The combination of basil, tomato and almond was ambrosia to my senses, and drizzled with a bit of the fresh olive oil that my nephew just brought me from Florence was perfect. It doesn't need anything else! (Well, maybe a bit a cracked pepper, but nothing else!)  Don't try this without the roasted, salted almonds( Trader Joes are THE BEST!), because the roasting and salt creates a buttery flavor that is amazing. I usually blend pine nuts with basil and tomato, but I think that this could make the most wonderful pesto sauce with the addition of a wee bit of garlic (not the normal 8 cloves!) and some freshly grated manchego cheese for a Spanish flavor. I would also use this as a dip for fresh mussels that had been quickly steamed in a bit of broth and white wine.   This sauce drizzled on freshly grilled tuna and served with some roasted potatoes and a sumptuous red wine, would make a very sexy dinner for two!


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