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Sugar Snap Peas & Fresh Peaches!

Peas2 Yesterday I made a fabulous discovery! I  had purchased some beautiful sugar snap peas at the market the day before and I was looking for a different way to prepare them. If you've never tried them, there is absolutely nothing like the flavor of a raw sugar snap pea! They are crispy, fresh and sweet, with the most satisfying texture.   Usually I steam them,  but this time, I tossed them into a pan lightly coated with olive oil and set them to sauteing. I wanted to add something to them, and usually I would grab a handful of fresh mint, but today I wanted something a bit more flavorful. The local peaches are beginning to be just gorgeous ....ripe and juicy, dripping down your chin pleasurable!  I diced one up and threw it into the pan  with the peas and let the soft heat work its magic. Within seconds the peas and peaches had formed a passionate relationship, the peas retaining their crispness, and the peaches melting like butter all around them. The whole process took about 5 minutes, and then I added just a sprinkling of cinnamon, fresh nutmeg and some allspice,  adding a bit of spiciness to the already sensual flavor.  They didn't need  butter although if you wanted  you could finish them with just a wee bit of it.  It was a really pretty dish as well, and would look lovely on a platter surrounded by some freshly sliced peaches for a garnish! I served it with a pasta last night, but today I'm going to try it with some slow cooked organic lamb shanks. That should be a marriage made in heaven!

Picture courtesy of   a site I discovered when looking for a picture. They have a wonderful recipe for peas with mango sauce, and a roasted pea recipe which sounds just amazing!


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