Sour Cherries
Japanese Plums

Sour Cherries

Sour Cherries

Okay, this was my favorite part of Reno! These are the sour cherries that were ripening during my visit. Pam was amazed that I was eating them by the handful off of the tree! Sour cherries aren't really all that sour unless you try to compare them to Bing cherries or the Queen Anne varieties. They are definitely tart, but with a flowery flavour all their own, and a subtle sweetness that is yummy. These were warm and juicy when I was eating them, absolutely blissful. If you are ever lucky enough to try them fresh like this, don't let others discourage you! They are incredible mixed with a bit of brown sugar or maple syrup and poured over ice cream. I also love to eat them in pie (obviously!) or cooked with pork or beef (and a lot of spices) for a  medieval flavor that is surprising and wonderful!


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