The Delonghi Indoor Grill!
I'm Re-engaged to the Same Amazing Husband!

The Delonghi Indoor Grill!

Grill When I was strolling through Williams Sonoma the other day, one of the lovely sales associates was using this electric grill. I watched her as she deftly sliced mangoes and fresh pineapple, glazed them with condensed milk and crushed macadamia nuts and placed them on the grill. Within 15 minutes they had caramelized and  become soft and fragrant. The whole effect was like being on a Hawaiian beach at sunset, and all I needed was the rum and coconut drink (being served of course by the cute young cabana boy!) in the fresh coconut shell!

I asked her about the grill, thinking that it would be my next big splurge, and she informed me that it was 99.00 dollars! That is a alot of pleasure for under 100.00 dollars! We live in an apartment building on the top floor, and we are not allowed to grill on our patios. In the summer it's easier because between my sister and I  we own two big Weber grills.   It's the Cleveland winters that make me really hungry for  great grilled sunshiney (Is that a word!) food!  I asked her about cooking steaks, and fish, and chicken on it, and she told me that you can cook anything on it that you want. You can use any marinade or sauce, and the best part is that it has a small diffuser for mesquite wood chips or any other herbs that you'd want to use, and a cover so that you concentrate the heat, or create a wonderfully smoky flavor! I guess that it's also really easy to clean, which is a huge plus over a grill pan!

I tasted the freshly grilled pineapple and it was AMAZING!

You can order one for yourself at


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