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I'm Re-engaged to the Same Amazing Husband!

I'm Re-engaged to the Same Amazing Husband!

2005_1109trees0011I"ve had butterflies in my stomach all day! Actually, there's a reason for that, it's my 24th anniversary! The really cute guy in the picture is my amazing husband, who's also currently my FIANCE! On Christmas day last December, he got down on his knees,presented me with the most beautiful Ruby ring and and asked me to marry him again for our 25th anniversary, and of course I said yes!  He is impossible to resist! Traditional, steadfast, loyal and the best dad in the world, he is incredibly sexy and I adore him. So now, instead of helping lots of other brides plan their weddings, I get to plan mine, no holds barred!

I decided about two months ago, that I would use this very special day, June 12th of 2006 to begin to plan our wedding! So this is the beginning of a new blogging category and our "Engagement " year!

When I was first married, I was working full time, and I was very "cool" so I didn't have the excited new bride thing going on! I'm letting myself have a full blown case of it now, and it's so much fun! My first wedding to this guy was gorgeous (Thanks Mom and Dad!) and this second one is going to be extraordinary as well. We're going to have it in La Jolla, California,  (Check out )  the most special place in the world to Jim, Alex, our son and me!2005_1121portland0007  Just a side note....If you click on the pictures, they'll enlarge and you can see just how cute my men are!

So begins a brand new adventure and lots of planning!


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