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The Best Olive Oil I've had Yet!

The Best Olive Oil I've had Yet!

Dscf0158 Dscf0159_1 Every Sunday in La Jolla California there is a wonderful farmers market and the best part is that it's right around the corner from my sisters house. It's irresistable, filled with local flavour and really wonderful produce. Between the little creperie,the fresh tamales and the amazing steel drum barbecue....well you get the picture! You can eat lunch, have dessert, decorate your home and dress for a night out on the town before you've ever even begun to shop for your produce!

On this last trip  I made an wonderful new discovery! After running around taking pictures of all of the beautiful flowers and fruits, I found my sister and my mother standing in front of the most delightful display of glistening olive oils! The really darling gentlemen behind the table was very busy flirting with my 83 year old mother and my sister, so naturally I was intrigued! I discovered that his name was George Petrou and he is the owner of Petrou Food services, which produces the best olive oil that I've ever had in the United States!

He was wonderful, and really knowledgable about the various oils and their uses. It of course didn't hurt that he grabbed my hand several times and proclaimed that I was "just lovely".....and that taking a teaspoon of his unfiltered olive oil would allow me to keep my radiance way past my 100th year! The unfiltered oil is just so good, like the finest fresh butter, but so much better for you. I also bought a bottle of bread dipping oil, made with George's fresh olive oil, his own vinegar and fresh herbs. I've been enjoying it drizzled on fresh tomatoes with red onion, olives and fresh French Feta cheese! As I was paying for my purchases, George looked soulfully in my eyes and gifted me with a bar of the best olive oil soap that I've ever used. He told me  that  using it would keep my skin young, moist and beautiful forever. WOW!  I'm hooked!  If you want to try these oils ,just go to  and place an order.   If you want to find George, just go to the La Jolla Farmers Market on Sunday mornings. You will be charmed, but don't get any funny ideas....he's all mine!


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