The Best Olive Oil I've had Yet!
Embarassingly Simple Margarita Pizza!

Embarassingly Simple Margarita Pizza!

2005_1020week0012_1 Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and it was gorgeous...a picture perfect day with flowers everywhere!  I spent the afternoon preparing dinner for my family and at the last minute decided to make this pizza. Wouldn't you know, the thing that took me three minutes to put together was what everyone loved the most and it was gone 5 minutes after my husband cut it!

This is one of the hor d'ouerves that I always forget to make, mostly because it is so simple and offends my "elitist food snob" sensabilities!

I have been humbled by the fact that after preparing a wonderful meal consisting of Beef tenderloin kebobs roasted with garlic and rosemary on a bed of garlicky spinach, fresh asparagus with truffle oil and pistachios, sliced tomatoes with French feta cheese and arugula and of course the mandatory rosy coloured pickled beets and eggs, that this pizza is the only thing that I don't have leftover for a midnight snack!

You will need one thin Boboli brand whole wheat crust. These are wonderful prebaked pizza crusts that you just unzip out of their plastic wrap. To make this pizza, I lightly brushed the crust with garlic flovored olive oil that was studded with fresh rosemary, sage and thyme. Then I spread a thin layer of tomato sauce, your choice, but like cooking with wine, only make pizza with sauce that you love the taste of!  I really dislike most "pizza sauces" so I always use a good pasta sauce instead! Then I topped it with tons of fresh basil , and covered the whole thing with really good cheese. I baked it for 15 minutes and that was it! I think the garnish took another minute!

There are so many things that you could use  to create a simple pizza like this, but the key is to use the best fresh vegetables,high quality meats and really good cheese. Because this pizza cooks so quickly, the flavours have to be  good from the start, because they have very little time to blend.  I love to use sauteed mixed mushrooms with truffle oil or shredded roast chicken with fresh tomatoes, garlic and spinach. Whatever you choose, keep it simple....that's the important part!  Three different  pizzas at a summer party with a great salad and lots of wine will earn you quite a reputation while keeping you out of the kitchen, and in with your guests! Also, if you make it ahead, this is GREAT picnic food for an alfresco evening with someone special! A little wine, a bit of chocolate, lots of moonlight.................


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