White Bean Salad with Rosemary and Pine Nuts!
Baby Romaine Salad with Clementine and Salsa Vinaigrette

White Bean Salad with Rosemary and Pine Nuts!

Beans_3224206_big I love white beans, more formally known as cannellini beans! Thrown into vegetable soup, or simply made into a simple salad,  they are an easy way to get some delicious protein into your diet when you're trying to cut back on meat!

White bean salad is one of my favorite picnic foods, and it's so easy to make! I love it in the summertime when you have fresh vine ripened tomatoes and basil leaves! If you want to make it in the winter, organic diced canned tomatoes will do nicely!

This recipe is so simple, just throw throw the ingredients together and let the olive oil and galic do the work!

You'll need:

One or two cans of Progresso cannellini beans

Lots of chopped FRESH garlic

One large can of diced tomatoes/drained

One and a half cups of fresh basil leaves

juice of one fresh lemon

salt and pepper to taste

Pine nuts  and fresh rosemary for a garnish

Enough good virgin olive oil to use as a dressing for the whole thing!

This is beyond easy! Just throw all of the ingredients together into a pretty bowl and let them marinate until you are ready to serve them. Garnish with the pine nuts!

Unless you are making this the day before, you don't even have to refrigerate it, it's better at room temperature! For a few variations on a theme you can serve it over freshly cooked penne pasta with some fresh parmesan cheese, or add try adding torn "day old" french bread to the salad just before serving it over cold romaine leaves. You can also take the same salad (sans the bread!) and add a can of tuna  packed in olive oil (the expensive Italian kind is worth every penny!) , a sliced hard boiled egg and some green beans for a wonderful dinner salad.

  Picture courtesy of www.barillaus.com


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