Roasted Chicken with artichokes and garlic
Thanksgiving 2005

Roasted Chicken with artichokes and garlic

I love this dish.....In fact there's almost nothing that I love as much as a roasted chicken , no matter how it's prepared. This is the one that I make when it's really cold outside, because squeezing the fresh lemons over it and adding the garlic and herbs make me feel like it's summer!

You'll need,

1 roasting chicken

I cup of diced onions

2 cans of artichoke hearts

1 lemon

20 cloves of fresh garlic


Garlic infused olive oil

herbs de Provence

sea salt

1 cup of water

To begin, wash the chicken inside and out, and lay it in a roasting dish that you've covered the bottom of with the garlic oil. Rub lots of butter under the skin of the breast and  sprinkle liberally with the herbs and the salt. Add the onions,  artichokes and then squeeze the lemon over the top of all of it! Then pour  some of the garlic oil over the chicken and add the water. I love to roast this in my Le creuset covered doufou pot as it really produces a moist chicken(and I don't need to baste more than once!). I let it roast for about 2 hours in a 350 oven covered and then I take the lid off and finish it by basting continously until the chicken is really golden brown! By then, your house will smell amazing and it won't take much to pretend that you're vacationing in the mediterranean! A perfect dijon mustard is a really great condiment to serve with this chicken, along with some great french bread to sop up the wonderful juices and a simple salad , perhaps pink grapefuit sections and tomatoes on a bed of romaine would complete the feast!


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