Chinese Cole Slaw!
EASY, EASY, EASY, Hollandaise Sauce!

EASY, EASY, EASY, Hollandaise Sauce!

I have discovered the easiest way ever to make a Hollandaise sauce. It's usually a daunting recipe, but if you love Eggs Benedict there's just no way around it, you've got to have the Hollandaise! So this morning armed with my blender and a shortage of time, I created a really good Hollandaise sauce and my husband loved it! (Always a big plus!)
Here's the recipe!
Take one stick of salted butter and melt it until HOT, but not burning! Into your blender add 6 (always organic and cage free eggs PLEASE!) egg yolks and some good seasoning, (I love Herbs de' Provence!) and a little pepper. You can salt this to taste later! Turn your blender on high and whirr the egg yolks for a minute. Add the juice of one good lemon and whirr some more! Take the hot butter and empty it into the blender and turn it on high for a minute or two and faster than Emeril can say "BAM" , it's Hollandaise! If you have some fresh tarragon or chives in your garden go ahead and add them now!
I served this over poached eggs sitting on really good ham and asparagus that were cradled together on a toasted English muffin. Oh yes and for overkill, I drizzled a little white truffle oil over the asparagus before I spooned on the Hollandaise! Next time, I'll use the poached eggs, but I'll place them on a bed of artichoke bottoms and creamed,garlicky spinach!

Just for fun (and because I couldn't bear to waste it!) I took the leftover Hollandaise and whirred it in the blender with garlic oil and the 4 leftover spears of asparagus! Chilled, it will make a fantastic "aioli" for tomorrows leftovers. (Tonights roasted chicken and vegetables!)


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