The Best Whipped Cream Ever!
Mother's Day!

The Best Whipped Cream Ever!

copperbowlThis is one of my favorite recipes! I discovered one night that whisking organic heavy cream in a copper bowl produced a whipped cream unlike anything that I'd ever experienced! Unknown to me was the fact that the French have been enjoying their cream this way for many years! It's surprisingly simple, and you can flavour the cream in so many different ways depending upon what you're serving it with! I am particularly fond of infusing the cream with lavender essence and honeyand serving it over chilled poached pears! For some reason, the copper bowl helps to create whipped cream of an incredible consistency. It's definitely not as wonderful in a steel bowl, and a lot less romantic! The recipe is simple....take a pint of good,organic whipping cream and begin to whisk it in the attention as it can turn to butter quickly! If this happens don't despair, it's delicious butter! When the cream is the correct consistency, add the flavorings to taste!


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