The Men of Skinny Sexy Food!

The Men of Skinny Sexy Food!



It's a funny thing. The kitchen is no longer the woman's domain! When I jumped onto Facebook about two years ago, I started finding quite a few of my old guy friends, men that I haven't seen since High School. That was wonderful in and of itself, but I suddenly noticed that me and the boys were talking almost non-stop about food...and cooking...and technique.

I was intrigued and totally inspired. So I've asked them to join me here and I'm calling them the Men of Skinny Sexy Food! I've got their pictures and recipes and I'll be sharing them here soon, starting tomorrow with my darling husband who tonight made me the most delicious vegan mushroom and truffle bruschetta for dinner! They are mostly not all vegan or even fully vegetarian, but they are all interested in eating well, eating sustainably and eating for health. These guys go to farmers markets and plant their own gardens; they really take the time to get to know their food!

Their wives are lucky women and that's one of my definitions of a Skinny Sexy Man....It's got nothing to do with body type and everything to do with passion. They love to cook for their families, and to me that's totally hot. They love to entertain... Who knows...maybe we'll even have a calendar:) And guys don't despair...the Ladies of Skinny Sexy Food will be coming to your laptop very soon:)


Photo of Bruschetta/Beth Schreibman Gehring- All rights reserved