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Skinny SexyTools - Creating Delicious meals with the Morrocan Tagine

Skinny Sexy Cookware- the Tagine

I finally did it! I broke down and bought a Moroccan Tagine. If you've never seen one, it's a conical shaped piece of cookware with a bottom and a lid.The beauty of this is that you can layer the ingredients, pour the liquid in ( approximately 1 cup of broth with all of the spices and 1 tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of oil) and bake it slowly at 325 degrees for about two hours. The result is incredibly tender meat and vegetables dressed with the most sumptuous and concentrated sauce that I've ever tasted.

Essentially the Tagine is self basting, so as everything cooks, the rich aromatic steam rises and flows back down into the casserole.

What you see here is my first attempt at creating a meal with the Tagine. Onions, sweet potatoes, Medjool dates, cilantro , garlic , pistachios and mango Tandoori chicken sausage. The whole thing is cooked with a mixture of blood orange juice, broth, lots of Moroccan spices , butter and olive oil . I served it with a blend of super grains cooked with peas and pecans. The aroma was incredible and the flavor impressive. I'll be experimenting with this for awhile! the video below is of Chef Hamid Idrissi demonstrating the appropriate way to create a delicious lamb tagine.

If you'd like the recipe, leave a request in the comment section!


Skinny Sexy Tools: ISI Twist and Sparkle


To say that I adore my ISI twist and Sparkle is an understatement! I bought this wonderful tool about three months ago when I decided that I really needed an alternative to the canned beverages that I was drinking. They contained too much sugar and too many undisclosed ingredients, even the supposed natural ones, not to mention those horrible aluminum cans! But one of the key tricks to losing weight and staying healthy for any period of time it seems is proper hydration, so I knew that I needed to find a different way to enjoy my eight glasses a day, otherwise that wasn't going to be happening!

I was ecstatic though when one day I walked into my neighborhood Williams Sonoma and discovered this wonderful tool for making carbonated beverages. It's really a simple thing; just fill the plastic canister with filtered water and your choice of flavorings, put the cartridge into the syphon, screw the top on and give it a little extra twist so that the CO2 is released. It's that easy to make wonderful beverages  that are so good for you too! My usual formula is filtered water, about  2 tablespoons of agave nectar and a food grade essential oil, like chocolate, lemon or grapefruit. (Delicious , refreshing and almost NO calories!) You can also fizz up fruit juice or a combination of juice and flavored syrup.  My favorite? Lemonade and fresh lavender syrup mixed with citron vodka and served in a tall glass for a flavorful cocktail that's as good as the one that you had last week at the wonderful little bistro around the corner! Interested? Go to this website  for more information! My recommendation? Buy the starter kit and then spring for two extra bottles. You're going to want to have them filled all of the time!


Skinny Sexy Tools ~ The Vitamix 5200


My Vitamix IS the one appliance that would be with me if I were ever stranded on an island. There is literally not a day that goes by that I don't use it in someway because it helps me create incredibly fast, healthy meals that are so simple and completely fresh and delicious! I've discovered that consuming a diet rich in whole foods simply lets me live better  and for me is the key to keeping me   healthy and happy moving into my ahem...middle aged life.

You see it all the time now...Even Doctors are finally acknowledging that the key to real and lasting health is to  consume more fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day while also encouraging us to eat way less meat, fish and dairy. From a sustainable foods practice this only makes sense. We are what we eat and if you're consuming factory farmed flesh of any sort (even farmed fish)  for the most part you're consuming fear and adrenalin, pus, blood  and a overload of antibiotics and hormones that are contributing to the rise of antibiotic superbugs,diabetes, obesity and cancers everywhere.

I love my mostly vegan diet and it's easy to stick to when you've got a weapon like the Vitamix in your arsenal!  I make fresh juice that's full of fiber and flavor in under a minute.I can cook fresh soups from scratch and have them hot enough to serve in just a few minutes. Salsa is a snap and so is guacamole (although to be fair I do prefer making it the old fashioned way in a stone bowl)I can make fresh  puddings and ice creams that are full of fruit  (or chocolate) and low in fat in really only 30 seconds.

If I had a baby this would be the only appliance that I'd ever need. Pureeing anything in the Vitamix is a snap and if you put the food in after you've cooked it you'll never need to buy a jar of commercial baby food again! When I make "Cream of anything" soup, before I strain it I give a turn in the Vitamix and then press it through a chinoise. The machine purees so well that it eliminates the need for extra cream (I generally use unsweetened coconut milk) and gives any soup a silken texture. When I want real butter I make my own using the Vitamix is about 2 minutes and in a pinch it whips cream in about 30 seconds.   I even make plant food with it using fish and veggie scraps, coffee beans ,eggshells and water! If you want one of your very own and trust me you really do, check out this link below!