Skinny Sexy Short Order Cook!

Skinny Sexy Short Order Cook-Breakfast Wraps




You've heard it a million times..breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I concur...breakfast is definitely one of my favorite meals! I don't eat much meat given my 90% Vegan- 10 percent Sinful diet , but every Sunday Jim and I make pancakes (Gluten Free!) slathered in maple syrup, and we dive headfirst into sinful by enjoying 2 pieces each of apple cinnamon bacon that we buy from Whole Foods!

Skinny Sexy Breakfasts-Breakfast Wraps

The rest of the week though? I try to keep it really healthy and wraps like the one shown above are a  really satisfying meal for me. I don't eat gluten as a rule, but these ancient sprouted grain wraps from Engine 2 don't hurt me at all and they make a wonderful container for so many diferent tastes. The wrap shown is very simple; Avocado , Tomato, Red Onion and a bit of shredded vegan rice cheese with some siracha sauce and a teaspoon of my new favorite "Mayonnaise", a wonderful product that I discovered this weekend called Just Mayo! I've tried many vegan mayonnaises and I do like Vegannaise alot, but Just Mayo is soy free which is important to me! It's also absolutely delicious! If I'd had a handful of arulgula I would have added that too. The sky's the limit when it come to yummy fillings! Another favorite is red onion, sliced mango, cilantro, chipotle mayo or "mayo" and a bit of shredded chicken or a vegan substitute. Thats delicious too!


So there you have it...the basic Skinny Sexy Wrap. Try other fillings and see what you like the best and let me know. Tomorrows breakfast wrap will be a vegan Banh Mi, a Vietnamese treat which is possibly  one of the best sandwiches on this earth. They are normally on a baguette and filled with cucumbers and onion, pickled cabbage and daikon radish and flavored tofu or shreds of spicy roasted pork or chicken. The whole thing sits on a bed of spicy mayo and is sprinkled liberally with cilantro. It is divine! Mine will be all of the same ingredients on a wrap instead of the baguette (which I miss dearly but does not miss me!) substituting spicy chinese flavored baked tofu for the pork. This is why I don't miss eating meat all of much. I've learned to make most of my favorite foods vegan and if I can do it so can you. I'm a former junk food queen and trust me, you want my vegan Mr. Hero "Cheesesteak" recipe. You won't easily know the diference and as a matter of fact ,one of my clients almost completely fooled her husband with one! I say almost because halfway through eating it he remarked that he wasn't feeling as full as normal. That's when she told him!


Have a wonderful day, my fellow Skinny Sexy Foodies!




Skinny Sexy Short Order Cook: Moroccan Chicken Stew

I love the days when I've got it together enough to have dinner cooking before 10:00 am! That's what a crock pot is for and the benefits are amazing!

A. I come home to a house that smells incredible, like a warm cocoon...or is cooler on these blistering summer days because I haven't turned on the oven.

B. My husband thinks I'm a Goddess!

C. We get to eat food that I've prepared with love and the best ingredients that I can find...

D. Home cooked food is healthier food and much less expensive than restaurant or processed food.

This picture is of todays dinner. Into the crockpot went tandoori mango chicken sausages from Whole Foods, a red onion, a carrot, a sweet potato, frozen sliced peaches, some celery, some maple syrup , a bit of cinnamon, fresh sage and rosemary from the garden, a drizzle of hazelnut oil and 3 cups of chicken broth. A grind of Himalayan salt and cracked black pepper.

That's it , approximately $12.00 worth of ingredients and my house smells better than any tandoori restaurant. I'll serve it with some fresh sweet corn dusted with chili, line and butter and an ice cold gluten free bottle of hard cider and then maybe a perfect home brewed chai latte'.

Skinny Sexy Short Order Cook: Moroccan Chicken Stew

Skinny Sexy Brunch! Peppered Smoked Trout and Mesclun

It's so much fun to cook with produce that you've grown yourself! This mornings brunch was easy.. Mesclun and chives, from the garden,feta cheese, peppered smoked trout (Ducktrap!) and a easy sauce made from chopped fresh horseradish greens, vegannaise and rice wine vinegar . 6 skinny ingredients... Fresh , simple and delicious and full of Vitamin L! (Love!)

Skinny Sexy Brunch!
Fresh horseradish and vegannaise

If I'd really been thinking I'd have had some Prosecco and fresh peaches ready!

Skinny Sexy Brunch!
Peppered Smoke Trout with Fresh Mesclun

Skinny Sexy Snacks: Not your average bowl of popcorn!


 Jim and popcorn
Every girl needs a gallant White Knight:)


Sometimes the hardest part of this new lifestyle is in the evening after dinner when you're just really wanting something yummy and rich! My own personal white knight came to my rescue when he decided to make some popcorn. "Make sure you put some parmesan on mine" said the devil on my shoulder. "No way" said he....and this is what he came out with. He'd air popped some corn and drizzled some earth balance "butter" on it and then tossed it with just a bit of truffle salt. Knowing that I'd wanted a bit of cheesy flavor, but not willing to give in to my worst cravings instead he crumbled some of our kale chips that were dehydrated with a tasty mixture of nutritional yeast, lemon juice and garlic and tossed them into my popcorn. I'm here to tell you that he is a genius and I didn't miss the parmesan at all. The kale was a perfect addition and I still possess all of my virtue. (Well , most of it:)


Popcorn with "butter", truffled salt and dehydrated kale with nutritional yeast


Food Alchemy: Skinny Sexy Mexican!



Craving Mexican!
Butternut Squash, Peppers, Onions and Chili scented Seitan


I miss the Mexico City of my youth...I was fortunate to be able to spend a good bit of time there. It's a beautiful and majestic city , proud and full of vibrance, art and history and the most fabulous food. I pray for the time when I can go back safely.....I love Mexican food so much and lately I've been craving it. It's so completely delicious but it's definitely not in the Weight Watchers low fat zone so last night I gave in to the desires and decided to make it myself!

It was very simple actually.. I just removed most of the fat! I grilled Ezekiel Sprouted corn tortillas and topped them with some rice "cheese" , greek yogurt (vegan it up by using tofutti sour cream!), salsa and guacamole and served them with a blend of wok sautĂ©ed peppers ,onions , butternut squash and seitan which I flavored with Penzeys chili powder , maple syrup and salsa. With tonight's leftovers I'll add some sweet corn for a bit of texture! Come summer when the peaches are ripe I'll be using those in place of the squash!  
This is a very complete meal, so all that it needs is a wonderful beverage! How about a lovely hard cider or gluten free beer to go with it? That new Tweason'Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery sounds delightful!  



Craving Mexican!
Sprouted Grain Tortilla stuffed with Guacamole, Salsa, Rice Cheese and Greek Yogurt

                                           How about a bit of Carlos......   


Parmesan "Grits" with Sweet Peas and Pecans


I love grits but I don't always have the patience to make them, nor do I want the calories! All that cheese, cream and butter is delicious but it's a artery clogging nightmare. Now when I'm down South there's no way that I'm avoiding the real thing, but here in Ohio there's not (at least to my knowledge!) a grit worth eating between the state lines. 

So, tonight I wasn't really in the mood to cook anything, but I was hungry and of course my darling husband wanted dinner. I thought how about some oatmeal or cream of rice....that's simple enough. So I grabbed the cream of rice box and of course my imagination took over. What resulted was really delicious and I would make it again. It was cheesy, creamy and absolutely satisfying.

This is pretty darn simple and this recipe is for two servings. Take a half a cup of cream of rice cereal and 1 and a half cups of unflavored coconut milk and put in a pan. Bring to a simmer, stirring consistently. Add a cup of frozen peas, a pinch of salt and pepper, a tablespoon and a half of Earth Balance "butter" and a healthy handful of shredded parmesan cheese and keep stirring. Add at least a tablespoon of my favorite season which is Penzeys delightful "Sunny Paris!"  a delightful and "handmixed blend of shallots, chives, green peppercorns, dill weed, basil, tarragon, chervil and bay leaf". When it's thickened, pour into 2 bowls, top with a bit more cheese and some untoasted pecans.If I was eating meat I'd probably chiffonade a bit of prosciutto and stir it in.  

That's it. Simple, delicious and way skinnier than the real thing. If I was going to have a glass of wine with it I'd undoubtably choose a Viognier which would be perfect with the peas!


Skinny Sexy Short Order Cook: Vegan Toasted Cheese and Tomato Sandwiches


What to do with all of the wonderful tomatoes that are beginning to come into season? I love fresh vine ripened tomatoes and pretty much refuse to have anything to do with that luscious red fruit (Yes the tomato IS a fruit!) at any other time of the year. I eat them during the hot summer months whenever I can some times three times a day and always for breakfast! I think that this is left over from my childhood, when my mother used to make me open faced grilled cheese with tomatoes and bacon on toast for breakfast everyday before I went to school! 

These days I rarely eat the cheese or the bacon, but that still does not keep me away from my beloved comfort food! Vegannaise is an excellent substitute for mayonnaise and galaxy rice cheese  in any of the flavors will be perfect! If you want to have cheese or bacon , have real cheese OR real bacon but still use the vegannaise~ that will keep you at your 10 percent sin level!  After that it's really simple. Just spread a piece of Ezekiel sprouted whole wheat bread with a bit of vegannaise that you've mixed with some fine herbes and a little bit of garlic. Add a piece of rice cheese and pile the tomatoes and some fresh basil and whatever else you want on top. If you want it toasted just reverse the ingredients- cheese on top! Put the whole thing under the broiler for a few minutes and you've got the oozy, gooey toasted cheese that you remember. If you want the bacon flavor (like I always do!) just layer a slice or two of smoky tempeh or smoked tofu over the tomatoes before you add the cheese! Delicious!

We're doing 103 in the shade here in Northeast Ohio so toasted cheese was not on the menu today! The sandwich shown above was however and it was wonderful. Ezekiel bread, "Cheese", Vegannaise  and those flowers  are peppery edible nasturtiums from my garden, chives and fresh basil too! I dusted the whole thing with a bit of sea salt and ate it with gusto! Quick, Delicious and so very good for you!


Skinny Sexy Short Order Cook: Banh Mi


The other day when I was at the farmers market with my pal John, I watched with unabashed jealousy as he devoured a wonderful looking Banh Mi sandwich from our local food truck Umami Moto. Sadly picking at my Pad Thai which was wonderful  but not the oozy , juicy mayonnaise laden sandwich that my friend was enjoying,  I swore that I would go home a create a vegan version.  Banh Mi is basically Vietnamese fast food, a toasted baguette covered with wonderful toppings; traditionally juicy, fatty roasted pork or some other meat , mayo , cilantro and some equivalent of Kim Chee.  (A delightfully spicy pickled cabbage and carrot mixture!)

Tonight my hunger got the best of me so on the way home I stopped at whole foods and invented it on the spot. The result was better than I expected, in fact, I'm having a hell of a time not wandering back into the kitchen for the leftovers.  What I really miss quite often is all of the taste, drippiness and flavor that comes with fast food. I do not miss the meat or trans fats! This sandwich has it all..."Mayo", sweet and spicy cabbage, texture and a wonderful meaty flavor to boot! Find the freshest baguette possible, it really makes a difference!  From start to finish, it took me about 15 minutes to make!

For one Banh Mi you will need:

About 8" of fresh baguette, sliced and buttered with Earth Balance spread on each side

6 Seitan pieces that you've fried a bit and coated with a sweet and sour soy sauce glaze or I buy them already prepared at Whole Foods, look for the Vegan General Sho's "Chicken".

A drop or two of liquid smoke if you enjoy a smoky flavor!

Fresh cilantro

Fresh Arugula

daikon radish sliced lengthwise, thin and flat

About 2 1/4 cup of Kim Chee which you can find already prepared

Skinny long pieces of sliced green onion

Vegannaise (about 1 and a half tablespoons per sandwich) Add the liquid smoke to the Vegannaise for a smoky flavor. No more than a drop per tablespoon! 


Slicing the veggies is the hardest part! Toast the pieces of baguette on a griddle until lightly golden and lay them flat on a plate. Spread each half (top and bottom) with the Vegannaise. Spread the Kim Chee on the bottom half and then lay the Daikon, onions, cilantro  on top. Place the pieces of sweet and sour glazed Seitan on top and the arugula on top of them. Add the top of the baguette, pick up in your hands and enjoy the whole juicy delicious mess!

Serve with grilled sweet corn that you've dust with more Earth Balance, salt and chili powder!  No wine here...try this meal with a delicious fresh microbrew!


Photograph by Beth Schreibman Gehring/ All rights reserved