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Skinny Sexy Snacks- Homemade Hummus

Skinny Sexy Snacks- homemade Hummus

One of the benefits of having a husband who's taking the year long Integrative Nutrition Certification course is that suddenly I have the best prep cook in the kitchen ALL of the time! He's always wanting to try new recipes and although at first it felt a little bit like having my space invaded , now I absolutely love it! I did say that he's the best prep cook I know right? (And, he's rearranged my kitchen as only an engineer can!

Jim's a "snacker"  and always hungry so I'm really enjoying teaching him how to make the foods that he's normally buy for himself. He loves hummus so I woke up yesterday and decided to teach him how to make it.  Off I went to Whole Foods to get some canned garbanzo beans.  You should know that my husband and Alton Brown are twin brothers from a different mother. He took one look at the canned garbanzo beans and pretty much made my life hell until this morning I went back to the store for a bag of dried garbanzo beans! The things we do for love!

Preparing the chick peas isn't nearly as tough as you'd think because I learned a wonderful secret to share with you! Two cups of dried garbanzos to 6 cups of water and one teaspoon of salt in the slow cooker on low for 6 hours and that's it! I came home to find perfectly cooked nutty flavored and not soggy textured garbanzo beans ready for the cuisinart. Before I started to add the ingredients though I did a taste test. There is now question that the extra step of cooking the dried garbanzos versus using the canned ones produces a superior product. I'll never use the canned ones again unless I'm really in a pinch! The flavor is completely different!

What you see before you are two different types, Hummus being essentially the easiest  and one of the healthiest snacks on the planet to make! All you need for the base is 2 cups of garbanzo beans, 3/4's of a cup of sesame tahini and lots of extra virgin olive oil.  Place the beans, tahini and some olive oil in the bowl of a cuisinart and pulse for a few seconds. Then  you'll begin to add the flavorings. Tonight we made caramelized onion with turkish seasoning, fresh lemon juice, fresh parsley and truffled olive oil AND sundried tomato with sweet olives (these have mustard seeds and chopped dried fruits), lemon juice, garlic, mint and pistachios. Add the flavoring ingredients and then add more olive oil in a stream as the cuisinart pulses. When it's ready to eat is a matter of taste. I love my hummus to have a smooth texture and that requires a bit more olive oil. Next week I'm going to use fresh ramps and dillweed!

Serve with fresh pita bread or if you're gluten free like me, fresh vegetables and corn chips!