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Skinny Sexy Entertaining : Vegan First Thursdays at Whole Foods!

So I've been asked to be the guest chef and speaker at Vegan First Thursdays at the Whole Foods on Chagrin Blvd on Thursday , June the 6th and I couldn't be more thrilled!

  I can't wait to talk about vegan grilling and teaching you to throw a fabulous summer soiree that is so delicious that any meat eaters in  your crowd will be blown away and begging for more! I hope that you'll join me as we start the summers feasting! Space is limited so please make your reservations early!



Skinny Sexy Brunch~ Chilaquiles

Skinny Sexy Brunch~ Chilaquiles
Skinny Sexy Brunch!

Not a day goes by when I don't have a craving for Mexican food. Sadly for me, Mexican Food is generally the most calorie and fat loaded, but it doesn't have to be! I found alot of easy ways to get the same flavors while keeping it skinny. Fresh salsas, Feta with spicy black pepper and fresh greens  help to make these Chilaquiles delicious but not bad on the diet!

Sunny Paris Photo from NomNomPaleo

This is a very easy dish to prepare and surprisingly filling! Unsalted blue corn chips are the base. Then just take one egg and break it into a nonstick pan that you've melted just a little bit of butter in. (For extra points use a butter and olive oil mixture!) Season it with your favorite mixed herbs (I love Penzeys "Sunny Paris" for this!) and add a handful of torn fresh Kale or chard and some black beans if you want them. Cover it for a minute until the  greens start to wilt and with a fork toss the whole thing together. Add about two tablespoon of the  feta and stir into themixture until it's melted. Take the egg mixture and slide it onto the cornchips and cover with your favorite salsa. That's it! South of the border goodness with only a fraction of the richness and all of the flavor!