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Skinny Sexy Slow Food: A jug of wine , a loaf of bread and WOW!


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I'm of the opinion that everyone should try to bake their own bread once! If you've never smelled the wondrous aroma of fresh yeasty rising dough, you're really missing out on slow food at it's best. The fact that 4 simple ingredients can turn into something so wonderful is why I consider bread making one of the highest forms of food alchemy and I encourage you to try this recipe, I really do. Forgive the shameless plug for Le Creuset because it's his job! I have to say though that Le Creuset really is the best of the cast iron cookware, and baking bread  this way is alot more romantic than using a bread maker. The bread is fabulous and all it needs is some fresh sweet butter , a bit of sea salt and a glass of wine.

 I've used Le Creuset for decades and I have pieces that my mother used way before me...they still look absolutely brand new. I encourage you to try a piece or two if you never have but be careful, it's a totally addictive collectible although one that you can never have too much of!  It's pricey for sure but I've found great used pieces (sometimes in the discontinued colors!) on ebay so have a look there too!




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