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Skinny Sexy Snacks: Not your average bowl of popcorn!


 Jim and popcorn
Every girl needs a gallant White Knight:)


Sometimes the hardest part of this new lifestyle is in the evening after dinner when you're just really wanting something yummy and rich! My own personal white knight came to my rescue when he decided to make some popcorn. "Make sure you put some parmesan on mine" said the devil on my shoulder. "No way" said he....and this is what he came out with. He'd air popped some corn and drizzled some earth balance "butter" on it and then tossed it with just a bit of truffle salt. Knowing that I'd wanted a bit of cheesy flavor, but not willing to give in to my worst cravings instead he crumbled some of our kale chips that were dehydrated with a tasty mixture of nutritional yeast, lemon juice and garlic and tossed them into my popcorn. I'm here to tell you that he is a genius and I didn't miss the parmesan at all. The kale was a perfect addition and I still possess all of my virtue. (Well , most of it:)


Popcorn with "butter", truffled salt and dehydrated kale with nutritional yeast


The Simplest Skinny Sexy Breakfast Ever! Greek Yogurt!


So after a long weekend of splurging I woke up this morning determined to get back on track! I'm proud of myself, I've been exercising almost everyday and eating very well, but this week is going to take a bit of effort. I'm at a plateau so I'm going to push it to the next level, but at the same time I'm keeping everything unprocessed and tasty! Greek Yogurt makes a creamy smooth breakfast that is very satisfying. Get the lowfat if you'd like and flavor it or use the full fat and just eat less of it. This morning I used the whole fat yogurt with raisins, pecans, organic vanilla, organic rosewater and some raw honey stirred in. That's it! All tastes satisfied...all senses happy! I'm done with dairy for today but it was worth it!

Food Alchemy: Skinny Sexy Mexican!



Craving Mexican!
Butternut Squash, Peppers, Onions and Chili scented Seitan


I miss the Mexico City of my youth...I was fortunate to be able to spend a good bit of time there. It's a beautiful and majestic city , proud and full of vibrance, art and history and the most fabulous food. I pray for the time when I can go back safely.....I love Mexican food so much and lately I've been craving it. It's so completely delicious but it's definitely not in the Weight Watchers low fat zone so last night I gave in to the desires and decided to make it myself!

It was very simple actually.. I just removed most of the fat! I grilled Ezekiel Sprouted corn tortillas and topped them with some rice "cheese" , greek yogurt (vegan it up by using tofutti sour cream!), salsa and guacamole and served them with a blend of wok sautĂ©ed peppers ,onions , butternut squash and seitan which I flavored with Penzeys chili powder , maple syrup and salsa. With tonight's leftovers I'll add some sweet corn for a bit of texture! Come summer when the peaches are ripe I'll be using those in place of the squash!  
This is a very complete meal, so all that it needs is a wonderful beverage! How about a lovely hard cider or gluten free beer to go with it? That new Tweason'Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery sounds delightful!  



Craving Mexican!
Sprouted Grain Tortilla stuffed with Guacamole, Salsa, Rice Cheese and Greek Yogurt

                                           How about a bit of Carlos......