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The Simplest Skinny Sexy Breakfast Ever! Greek Yogurt!

Food Alchemy: Skinny Sexy Mexican!



Craving Mexican!
Butternut Squash, Peppers, Onions and Chili scented Seitan


I miss the Mexico City of my youth...I was fortunate to be able to spend a good bit of time there. It's a beautiful and majestic city , proud and full of vibrance, art and history and the most fabulous food. I pray for the time when I can go back safely.....I love Mexican food so much and lately I've been craving it. It's so completely delicious but it's definitely not in the Weight Watchers low fat zone so last night I gave in to the desires and decided to make it myself!

It was very simple actually.. I just removed most of the fat! I grilled Ezekiel Sprouted corn tortillas and topped them with some rice "cheese" , greek yogurt (vegan it up by using tofutti sour cream!), salsa and guacamole and served them with a blend of wok sautĂ©ed peppers ,onions , butternut squash and seitan which I flavored with Penzeys chili powder , maple syrup and salsa. With tonight's leftovers I'll add some sweet corn for a bit of texture! Come summer when the peaches are ripe I'll be using those in place of the squash!  
This is a very complete meal, so all that it needs is a wonderful beverage! How about a lovely hard cider or gluten free beer to go with it? That new Tweason'Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery sounds delightful!  



Craving Mexican!
Sprouted Grain Tortilla stuffed with Guacamole, Salsa, Rice Cheese and Greek Yogurt

                                           How about a bit of Carlos......   



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