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Cleanse? What Cleanse? I can't do a Cleanse! (Or can I?)


2012 has marked a turning point in my life. I'm 52, still not satisfied with my weight loss but overall very satisfied with my health. We had an incredible holiday, ate like horses and generally overindulged to the point that when we got home from our whirlwind east coast journey things were definitely a little bit tighter. Then to add insult to injury Alex looked at me when we were riding horses a few weeks ago that "Mom, if you don't lose 20 pounds you're going to shorten your riding life by at least 15 years..thats over a pound and a half per year MOTHER!" Now Alex is no paragon of virtue but he knows me and he's right. I would be devatasted to lose my ability to ride. Also around that time my niece reminded me that I absolutely know how to eat right but it's just a matter of will. She's right too...I've just been a bit lazy. So armed with those thoughts and a committment from my son to do it with us (He's given up alcohol and cigarettes for a couple of weeks) Jim and I have begun a food cleanse. 

So to start here's where we are:

Picnik collage
Maybe both of us are a few pounds lighter than when these were taken but only a few 2  a piece:)

I'm only teasing about the scary part. I really have no body hangups, generally loving to be naked way more than clothed but scary is realizing that I'm middle aged and that I may not be able to rely on my usually present health. I've been lucky and I want to prevent what I can. So we've tossed out the rule books and gone back to some good old common sense. I'm not a nutritionist and I don't pretend to be, but I do know alot about food and creating a life that you'll love. When I apply those thoughts to this it becomes easy. Beautiful food, Beautiful tablesettings, helping you get back into relationship with what you eat. I love food so much that I'm always astonished when people don't. I've got several friends that really hate to cook and it's a dilemma for them. If you fall in to that category I've got easy ideas and thoughts for you too!

So our cleanse is a bit of a hybrid and I'm definitely not following anyones diet. I've been vegetarian/ vegan on and off for a few years and it's not a utopia, you can still carry alot of weight as either. It's just my preference as an committed friend to animals ,but I've had to find a way to make veganism work for me. It doesn't always because during different times of the month my body craves that sort of protein. Sometimes I can make the substitutions work but when I can't I let myself eat what I want, figuring that my body knows best. Sometimes that's vegan, sometimes that's vegetarian and sometimes that's completely Raw Food and sometimes that's meat. That puts me at about 90%/10 % and sometimes that changes. Do I think that it's one of the best ways possible to eat if the food is prepared well and combined correctly? You bet. I feel great when I'm eating minimal amounts of flesh and dairy. (We don't snore either..a huge plus!)

  What we are eating is what I've taken to calling Spa Food, because that's essentially what it is. There's a reason that you lose weight and look great during a time at a great spa. The food is minimally prepared, but it's fresh ,flavorful and absolutely gorgeous, uses only the tiniest bits of oil and dairy (if any) and hardly any sugar. Very little meat and if anything, really fresh fish. Lots of vegetables, plenty of fresh fruit and lots of water! Hardly any alcohol and very little caffeine. I'm using plenty of French technique and Asian food intelligence to create meals that are light, flavorful and satisfying. Another one of my rules? If it's not delicious it's not passing between these lips. We've got one splurge night a week where we can eat/drink what we want and enjoy it, in moderation, from soup to nuts! We're supplementing with great vitamins and herbals but I find that whenever I'm on a great diet I need way less of them. Let your food be your medicine right?

I'm not hungry and neither is my ever ravenous husband. The alcohol part is tougher but that's because we're used to having wine with dinner all of the time. I've begun to really appreciate though just how clearheaded I am without it and I'm not willing to have the puffy bags under my eyes return. I am just amazed by how flat they are... 

So my goal is to lose 25 pounds and my husbands is about the same. Sor far he's down 4 and I'm down three and it's only been about a week and a half. We weigh in on Sunday so I'll be weighing with our successes. Attached is my very first many of you have seen it and responded so favorably and I am grateful.


So my parting thought are make every meal count, sit down and enjoy them with someone you love. Chew slowly and remember to breath. Enjoy your food, just less of it and eat what works for you. there's no set formula , that is until you get really sick and  that demands a huge life change. Why not do it yourself first, before something happens and then eat what you love on occasion.  I'll see you again very soon!

Be well, Eat well, Live and Love Well,



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