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Skinny Sexy Tools: ISI Twist and Sparkle


To say that I adore my ISI twist and Sparkle is an understatement! I bought this wonderful tool about three months ago when I decided that I really needed an alternative to the canned beverages that I was drinking. They contained too much sugar and too many undisclosed ingredients, even the supposed natural ones, not to mention those horrible aluminum cans! But one of the key tricks to losing weight and staying healthy for any period of time it seems is proper hydration, so I knew that I needed to find a different way to enjoy my eight glasses a day, otherwise that wasn't going to be happening!

I was ecstatic though when one day I walked into my neighborhood Williams Sonoma and discovered this wonderful tool for making carbonated beverages. It's really a simple thing; just fill the plastic canister with filtered water and your choice of flavorings, put the cartridge into the syphon, screw the top on and give it a little extra twist so that the CO2 is released. It's that easy to make wonderful beverages  that are so good for you too! My usual formula is filtered water, about  2 tablespoons of agave nectar and a food grade essential oil, like chocolate, lemon or grapefruit. (Delicious , refreshing and almost NO calories!) You can also fizz up fruit juice or a combination of juice and flavored syrup.  My favorite? Lemonade and fresh lavender syrup mixed with citron vodka and served in a tall glass for a flavorful cocktail that's as good as the one that you had last week at the wonderful little bistro around the corner! Interested? Go to this website  for more information! My recommendation? Buy the starter kit and then spring for two extra bottles. You're going to want to have them filled all of the time!