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A state of mind having nothing to do with size but everything to do with health!


A juicily passionate and sensuously rich state of being that leaves you completely alive and ready for anything!


Sustenance for your body, nurturing for your soul and a wonderful way to connect deeply with your family and friends!

90 Percent Vegan...Ten Percent Sin!

Giving yourself the blessing to taste and enjoy whatever you'd like, denying yourself nothing, but choosing only the best from the freshest, most compassionate sources!

Well, here it is, the ripe old age of 51! So far, it feels better than all of of my other years put together.... somethings changed and I'm liking the confidence that it's brought! I'm feeling more comfortable in my skin than I ever have and somehow even the inevitable wrinkles,   bumps and spots don't seem quite as bad as I thought that they would. That being said, I've also decided that this is the year for a creative lifestyle change, one that will propel me into the next 50 with tons of energy. Years of competitive horseback riding have taken their toll on my joints.  I'm bound and determined to learn to surf again and I'm definitely going to wear a really sexy bathing suit again and a mini skirt.... simply because I can.

My adorable husband  and I have embarked on a quest to grow very old , gray and wise together. God love the man, he adores me just the way that I am  20 extra pounds and all. Truth be told, neither of us are worried about the extra weight so much, but we'd love to feel spectacular at 50 plus and better what we did at 20. Shooting hoops  last week with our 23 year old son brought the truth home....we've both been taking our good health for granted.

Our son yelled at us about our lack of commitment to ourselves and our not yet even a "twinkle in the eye" grandchildren. I understand how he feels...he watched his grandmother die several years of a stroke caused by her heart issues, diabetes and all of the complications that go along with that. I took that as a huge sign of love from my kid and decided to listen. So Jim and I have decided to embark on this creative journey together.  


Cassie, our son's adorably tiny yet totally curvy, vegetarian sometimes vegan , yoga instructress, nutritionist girlfriend  has been talking to us about the virtues of a plant based way of eating for awhile now.  She's pretty tough with on us, but she's been truly helpful in inspiring  us to design a lifestyle around food and health that we love. So after dancing around the issue for awhile I  decided to try a 30 day vegan cleanse. It's wonderful because Jim did it with me and so did Cassie and ~gasp~ even my son. Cass and I are doing pretty strictly vegan and Alex and Jim have a few ways to cheat because they both need that.  

I've done the vegetarian thing on and off for awhile but without much success in terms of my weight loss and my congestion. Eliminating animal flesh and fat plus dairy and eggs from my diet 90 plus percent of the time is finally doing the trick! My belly fat is leaving yet my curves haven't abandoned ship! The best news...I'm not hungry at all and my energy is soaring!

 I'm a devoted foodie and I never thought that I could do this, but the changes that I'm noticing in my health and my body are continuously keeping me inspired! The 90/10 percent formula works really well for me and this blog is my quest to bring to you some damn good recipes and ideas for creating a lifestyle change that's really healthy as well as seductively wonderful.

I use the term "seductively" because I want to entice you into trying something new, no matter what that looks like for you. For example, I truly never felt that I would love Yoga. I wasn't sure that I could be still enough, let alone not worry about looking like a fool or completely fat in my clothes when I did the poses. What I've discovered is that Yoga challenges and relaxes me on all levels (body , mind and spirit) in the same way that riding my horse does and that a treadmill never has. I've also begun to swim several times a week. I love being in the water, swimming 30 minutes of laps and then rewarding myself with a long soak in the whirlpool and then 15 minutes in the steam room.  It's incredibly relaxing, my skin has never looked better  and my arms which were filled with more "jelly" than a donut have become unrecognizable to me! 

As cliche as it sounds ,when I'm in the middle of a Hot Yoga class sweating profusely I fall quickly into my "zone". The first few times I did the class in baggy sport pants and a t shirt. After a couple of classes I ventured out and bought myself some really cute yoga clothes in my size. They're tight yet fluid and very body conscious, but I love them because I can really notice my body in them and that feels very good! I'm not on a quest to be "skinny", I'm on a mission to be healthy and fit for the rest of my life. If I can be a toned and healthy size 10/12 for the rest of my life that will be fine with me!  I'm getting there...I just purchased a smaller bathing suit than I've had  in years and it looks good! Slow and steady progress keeps this inspiring. I didn't get chubby overnight so I'm being more patient with myself than ever before.

Trust me though, there are days when I want to chuck the whole 90 percent vegan thing into the nearest saute' pan full of filet. But the benefits are seeming to far outweigh the upsets. Eliminating dairy from my diet has my joints feeling fluid and my sinuses clear. Sleeping is way easier! Pain and Inflammation...fading fast! My husband is experiencing the same things as well as incredibly renewed energy without Starbucks and all of the added sugar that he relies on to stay awake! Giving up sugar laden cocktails has been great for him too. A glass of red wine every now and then or a fabulous martini made with sake' is just as good and packs way less of a sugar load!
Food and our relationship with it is a very tricky thing. We adore it and there's no getting around that. There's nothing that I love more than cooking for my family and friends. I love eating almost as much as I love sex and I've always had large appetites for life and that spills right over into my eating habits. So I figure that if I can keep my appetites and use that emotional passion to create fabulous food that's going to keep me happy and healthy that I owe it to myself and my future grandkids to do so!

I'm not saying that this is easy......actually transforming these years of built in eating habits is pretty tough for a diehard food freak like me. But the 90/10 formula works well for me and I think that it could for many people who want to eat healthier foods but are afraid of feeling deprived. That 10 percent is reserved for things like a perfect croissant with a bit of great cheese, or perhaps you want a piece or two of fried chicken one night.

Go ahead. Just make sure that you're making choices that are good for you and the planet.  There are a million reasons to avoid meat , dairy and fish that have come from our factory farming system, you know them and I don't have to detail them again. Eating that food will make you sick as hell. Make your fried chicken from a bird that been raised well, without antibiotics and with as little pain as possible. Buy your eggs, milk, cheese and meat from a farmer you know...join a CSA  or shop at a farmers market and get to know your food!


I know that this puts me at odds with the PETA folks...but if you want to eat well and you're not ready for such a extreme you've got to start somewhere. I respect PETA for everything they do and the awareness that they bring us, but like most people I don't want to be told that "I cant". I eat this way because I see and feel the results.  I want to have you come to a healthier way of life by experiencing the benefits not the dogma. I definitely have opinions about the way we raise our food and I make my choices based upon those opinions. But if you have me for dinner and you've forgotten that I choose a mostly vegan diet, trust me.... I'll eat what you serve unless there's an allergy involved! The love with which you prepared it for me is the most important thing in the world to me and I'll never turn that down.

Please feel free to write and share your thoughts! I'll even take hate mail provided you're polite! This journey wouldn't be nearly as much fun without some good companions so I'll look forward to seeing you around my dinner table!


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