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Lifestyle Artist/Herban Weddings & Parties🌿🌶Creating Magical Environments & Seasonal Celebrations , 🌺🌹😘handcrafted, intimate and just right for you.


I have been helping others create lives that they love for over 20 years. I developed an extensive background in public relations and marketing with an emphasis on personal and corporate branding while working for and eventually becoming the President of Schreibman Jewelers East, one of Northeast Ohio’s most prestigious bridal, jewelry, gift and tableware businesses. Along the way I discovered that many were drawn to me for my ability to live everyday with beauty. I consistently demonstrated my passion through the creation of special parties, sponsoring and supporting community events of all kinds and by working with groups and businesses giving talks on etiquette,food, entertaining, fashion, fun and more! Today I have realigned my thirst for beautiful and healthy living with a whole new world; social media! This new medium allows me to continue to share my passion for living a larger audience than I ever imagined possible. More importantly it affords me the opportunity I enjoy most; meeting with people who have been inspired by what they hear or see and making a difference in their lives by bringing the magic of ones own personal dreams to reality!

I have been privileged to have many of my articles published locally and nationally, and has enjoyed giving many interviews over the years, most notably to Martha Stewart Living, Gifts and Decorative Accessories, and Tableware Today.
A gifted cook and creative hostess , I've has also had the distinct honor and pleasure of designing the table settings for several TV series, including "Julia Child cooks at home with Friends" , "Julia Child cooks with Jacque Pepin" and the " Todd English and Olives restaurant" cooking show. I also created the table setting designs for the books of the same name.


In my Last Will & Testament, it states that I want half of my ashes scattered on the 7th Floor of Bergdorfs in New York City and the other half scattered in the kitchen gardens at the Cloisters. That's probably all that you'll ever need to know to understand me.