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    Perhaps you have a quick question for me? Are you wondering which glass to use with the wine you've chosen, which fork to use for dessert or do you need a quick martini recipe for an impromptu cocktail party? A dessert to serve someone that you want to get closer to? A Skinny Sexy Appetizer ? Are you wondering whether to use cinnamon, nutmeg or both? How to make a perfect vegan Roux? How to create a meal for a business prospect that will insure a successful partnership or a dinner that will manifest a peaceful and loving family gathering? Just click the button above to arrange a call with me and we'll solve those problems quickly!


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October 03, 2011

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Chicago's Green City Market!

  • Chicago_031
    On the way to dinner the other night in Chicago, we passed a sign for this wonderful farmers market! Of course I begged my husband to bring me back early in the morning so that I could bring you some wonderful pictures! This is such a fun market because it's in the middle of Lincoln Park, yet there are huge highrises all around! Everyone seemed so relaxed and happy to be there, and the market was a steady beehive of activity! There were kids, dogs and amazing steel drum music everywhere, a serious midweek festival! I just love to find elements of the country in the city and everyday more markets are springing up everywhere! It's such a great way to shop for your food, supporting local organic growers and creating a wonderful community experience!

The La Jolla Farmers Market!

  • Dscf0178
    The La Jolla Farmers Market is really fun! Held every Sunday morning at The La Jolla Elementary School, it's a feast for all of the senses. It's magical watching the children run around the playground while you're feasting on crepes with your family, and then leisurely strolling around in search of the most beautiful flowers and the freshest herbs and vegetables!